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Are you searching for a remote desktop solution? There are many products available to let you control your home or office PC from other locations....




Have you ever come across a situation that you wished to obtain instant data from your distant computer but you couldn’t?


The ability to access personal computers over the internet from other working stations is beneficial for individuals and corporations.  There is a whole class of remote computer access programs in the market. These programs give individuals the ability to control computers in home networks and to access work computers while at home or traveling. The programs also let corporations communicate between branches more easily. The employees can access their required data and network resources, email, and programs from home and even while on the road.

Remote computer access programs can range from the shared file system built into most versions of Windows up to patented software packages like Symantec PCAnywhere. These technologies can be categorized into two main groups:

I.       File access that allows user to use computer files over a remote connection.

II.     Desktop Access that brings the entire desktop of the designated computer over to the computer that is currently being used.

File Access

Internet based remote file access is an easy way to distant use, backup, edit, and synchronize data. Many corporations prefer to use this secure method instead of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to share data between their clients and employees.

Windows Live Sync is one of the most popular means of remote file access that gives users 2 GB of free storage volume.

Some other remote file access providers are WebDAV, Everywhere Networks, and Sugar Sync.


Desktop Access

Although remote file access is easy and fast, many users prefer remote desktop access because of its visual interface. With the right remote desktop program users can access their personal computers from everywhere, as if they were sitting in front of it.

Remote desktop programs can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection, Symantec PCAnywhere, Ultra VNC, and Log MeIn are some of good software that can be used by Windows users to access other computer desktops.

TeamViewer and LogMeIn can be used by Mac users.

TightVNC and FreeNX can be used by Linux users.